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.Friday, April 16, 2010 ' 9:35 PM
300th post! Haha, I just love today ..


It's touching, like seriously ..
Can see that you all have put in your best effort in the whole POP ..
It's really, touching when you know that your juniors do all these for you ..

Not bad, the POP make me cry 4 times in school today ..
3 times at POP (Note: it's only 1 hour and I cried 3 times!)
1 time at Huey Huey's classroom, I read the sketch book while waiting for her ..
Omg, I didn't know I got such SWEET juniors ..
Touched touched! I simply love them .. (L)

BEST present I've ever received ah ..
Let me show off a bit, haha ..
I received in total :
A sketch book with all the wishings from juniors and some sweet lovely msgs ..
A bag of cookies from the sec 2s ..
A disc comprising of the video they made ..
A tag with "I'M SAD! (; . ;)" ..
A buffet lunch with services from the committee members ..
A wonderful memory ..

I've not regretted joining Swiss Dance (L) ..
I, just love, you gals a lot a lot ..

I want to be that lovely princess... <3

.Saturday, March 20, 2010 ' 10:50 AM
It's the 300th post :D
Haha! And I shall dedicate my 300th post to my dearest KOR! :D


Oh well, I missed out the sms of wishing u happy birthday.
Because I want to make your last birthday of sec sch life a memorable one.
Called him at 12am specially to wish him happy birthday..
Touched or not! Bleahs :D

Oh well, plan didn't go as smoothly as how I wanted it to be, but still okay..
Kor! We've been friends since sec 1, you've been my kor since last year!
And, thanks for always being there for me when I need someone to talk to, someone to listen to me..
And most importantly, I know I can look for you everytime I need..
Remember that night when you accompanied me from 8pm to 1am.
Yeah, I will remember that night FOREVER because..
That's when you started becoming my kor! :D

I told you why I always wanted a kor, and you're the first and last kor I will have!
Eh, must be touched wor, hees.. :D
Kor, must mug hard for O level already alright?
We only have this one last year, so must MUST cherish these times okay!
Haha, jiayous kor! Don't forget that your mei is here for you everytime!
No matter what happen, you will be my kor! So, anything unhappy can come look for me de!
I love my kor! ♥

Alright, be touched kor!
I specially blog because today's your birthday okay!
And, sorry that I can't go for your celebration..
But but, still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D

I want to be that lovely princess... <3

.Thursday, March 18, 2010 ' 10:01 PM
Okay.. Just returned from dance camp! ;D
Dance camp was fun fun fun fun fun! Love it to the core! Woots! :D
Didn't update much, photos all on facebook.
But just want to thank some lovely ppl, who makes my camp so wonderful! :D

Thanks to ALL SEC 3 DANCERS for planning this camp!
Thanks to MY GROUP for making my camp so lovely!
Thanks to Cheryl NSL and Soh Hwee Sin for chereographing the dance!
Thanks to GAMES IC for making this camp so wonderful!
Thanks to FOOD IC for the food we had!
Thanks to EVERYONE for attending the camp!
Thanks to ALL JUNIORS for making my camp experience so great!
Thanks to Pang Huey Huey and Gan Li Xing for sharing my supper experience!
Thanks to Fong Chui Ting Sandi for vandalising my hand with eyeliner!
Thanks to Chua Si Min for taking my job in CIP!

Dance camp seriously rocks! A whole lot.
Especially during wee hours when me, Huey and Lixing were still out eating.
Hees.. I'll always rmb the time when we sneaked into the studio to eat and take photo.
1.28am, so coincidental >< Haha.
And the second day, we nearly got locked outside for the whole night.
It's really fun and nice ;D

And my SHORTSHORTJUNIOR vandalise my hands with EYELINER.
Pro right? All her writings and drawings on facebook :D
But that girl held my hand for the whole night walk, cause i scared lol ><
Hees! Thanks gal, short senior love you! <3

Thanks Simin for taking over my CIP role.
I'll be there to guide u whenever i can, so chill.
Jiayous and don't worry! :D

Conclusion: I never regret joining dance ;D
Dance camp is a camp when i really bonded a lot ! <3

Went school today with ppl.
Lost smth super impt to me, made me cried..
Sobs sobs, but it's okay.
Thanks YY, Johnny, Waqiu for helping me to look for it!
Loves ;D

What does it mean to lose that pooh? Is it a hint, that there's no fate between us? I wonder, I really ponder hard. Somehow, I want the pooh to come back after hearing what YY said.. But I know, even if it DO come back, there will never be fate between u and me.. I really dk what to do, I just want my pooh back. Because, looking at him reminds me of you..

I want to be that lovely princess... <3

.Sunday, February 28, 2010 ' 1:17 PM
Not blogging constantly nowadays, too tired and nothing to post..
And certainly, no mood till ytd :D

Ytd was really high high high..
Haha, makes me feels so great despite being tired..
Invited ppl to my house and play, got lion dance somemore..
Haha, quite a lot came luhs..
If I didn't remember wrongly..
Wh, JonathanNg, Avery, Janson, Agnes, Glenn, Reuben, Xueyi, Xiaowen, Sixuan, Wenting, Geraldine, Victor, Sinyee.

Yeah, a lot ppl last minute never come..
Wahh.. All cheat my feelings de.. Sad face :(
Woke early in the morning and slept late at night..
A long long long day it has been..
Class peeps all left at around evening time, latest left at 7+ i think..

Played UNO and gambled with Weilin and Weiyin..
They 2 very funny luhs, super nice to be with..
Haha.. We three talked talked talked about random things..
Haha, and I thought our first topic was about cockroach.. ><
Talked on phone with YOU(L) after that, haha..
Hehe, sorry for holding your calls and ending the conversation so quickly in the afternoon..
Sorry luhs, don't angry with me okay.. :)

Yesterday was just so THAT fun, if only certain things never go wrong..
Ytd was almost perfect except for what happened last night..
Haha, it's okay..
I'm not sad.. But HUANGYONGYI randomly told me he's sad ytd cause..
.. He never see his name in my private blog..
Haha, cause no time and chance to tell you yet ma..
Don't worry daddy! Will tell you what happened soon.. Thanks too :D
And for those who help me through this incident..
Esp JOHNNY AHHGONG and his counselling, VICTOR KOR and his late night smses..
Thanks a whole lot! Loves! ;D

难道,你忘了我们之间的约定吗?心好痛、好痛... 我真的后悔了,好希望时间能回到我们那时__的时候...

I want to be that lovely princess... <3

.Friday, February 19, 2010 ' 8:47 PM
I don't feel like posting, but I still came to..
Haha, lol..

Thanks for all the vday present! :)
Woah, Celia certainly knows what I love..
And and, I love Glenn's cny presen, 7 packets of sweet..!
Loves to all! ;D

Cny was alright..
Haha, went to collect angbaos..
And was busy making cards for people ;D
Yeah, not bad ah. I got praised for being sweet!
Haha, Yong Yi said he's touched by my sweetness..
Not bad lei, he will miss me after we graduate.. Me too! :(

Celia cried after reading my card, oh gosh..
Zhi Ying sounds like she cried also.. Through her blog ><
Haiyo, you all cry as though I leaving the world like that..
Pass out, leave Swiss le still will come back right!
Tsk, will miss them also.. :(

Lunched with LinHui n Jolene, loves!
LinHui very cute, we 2 always made each other..
Haha, talked to her.
Not a bad listener wor! Loves! <3

I want to be that lovely princess... <3

.Wednesday, February 10, 2010 ' 5:00 PM
First of all,

And not forgetting,
Jiayous for other matches and continue winning! :D

Haha. Sang birthday song for Cui Ting in the morning :D
And and, assembly was loooooooooooong!
Cause got Panda went on stage! (Insider Joke!)
Haha. Panda is cute luhs, haha but you're not! Joking.

Lessons were alright. Except for the fact that I was falling asleep.
Can't blame me when I wake up at 3am to do a Chem ws that was not gone through today though it's dued today.
Was telling Yong Yi how angry I was cause I stayed up for nothing!
*angry* hmph! Thanks a lot..
Yea, tired out.

After school, Yong Yi asked me to go Mac with the usual gang :D
Haha. Agreed to go with them unless someone treat me..
Went Mac with Yong Yi, Zhi Hao, Jonathan Ng and Jing Wee.
Fun until don't-know-like-what, crap super a lot too! :D
And and, I didn't know Yong Yi was so crap after all.

Created a lot jokes, and they started suan-ing me..
Thanks a lot man :\
Yong Yi treated me ice cream after that, McFlurry somemore! :D
Woots, super cold but yet, super fun and nice !
Thanks Yong Yi! Loves ;D
Haha. I love today, 10 Feb 2010.
If only today can be a little more perfect if _ never happened..

I want to be that lovely princess... <3

.Tuesday, February 9, 2010 ' 8:56 PM
Boo people! ;D
Back to upload a lot a lot screenshots.
Omygosh, I love the ppl around me now.
Glenn and Reuben especially, can make me laugh no matter how sad or stressed am i!
Click to enlarge pictures! :D

Glenn drew me this sweet :D
And this smile to cheer me up!
And he tried to express my feelings using drawing! Haha ;D
Short short junior did Math Eqn on MSN! Loves! ;D
Glenn drew me this to console me from my nightmare! :D
And that Andy cannot fail to make me laugh at his sotongball-ness :D
And this! Hahahahahaha! :DSee the meaning of making me laugh. Reubem is a joker man! :D

I want to be that lovely princess... <3

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